5 projects done in 5 days. Thought and creative applications exercise.
Project 1


  • Speculative Future
  • Children's Book Idea

An exploration into speculative futures. Bionic Birthday is the beginning stages for a children's book about a future, where bionic limbs are so injected into our culture and way of life that a spectacle is made out of them - "a new right of passage for the human experience." In this future, children at the age of 13 are given their first set of Bionic Limbs issued from the government. Bionic Birthday uses humor to magnify, learn and understand the impact technology and surveillance hold in our individual and societal relationships.

Project 2



"Knowing" is concept idea for a film and interactive installation piece. Where the user first downloads the "Knowing" app and then enters into the space. The film is broken up into scenes as the user walks through the space. Anytime a character in the film is talking on some kind of technical device the user can connect their phone to the scene and "eavesdrop". The point of this installation is to commentate on the growing world of surveillance in our everyday lives. (The film narrative is still being developed). There will be sections in the film and installation where multiple surveillance footages are scene. The user can tap on a "camera" they're interested in and the can "eavesdrop" on that footage as well. At the end of the film the user walks through a black curtain where the scene is a large, video screen displaying the live surveillance footage of the whole installation.

Project 3

Lost Illusions

  • Vinyl album case and cover

Laser Cut Vinyl Record Case + Cover For my most recent collection of songs I had taken my lyrics from sporadic writings I had done during about a 200 day period in 2012. Trying to visualize that process of writings to songs is where my concept lies. So I decided to create a vinyl album case and cover. Inside the case are separate panels with the words to each writing cut out. It's on acrylic plastic and I used the laser cutter to produce the look.

Project 4


  • Music Video

I was out in Long Island for some Genealogy research and I decided I would film a bunch of different footage of my time there and create a challenge for myself after - in finding and creating meaning through the sequencing of the footage. On my train ride back I ended up listening to SOKO and decided to use the song as my sequencing thread.

Project 5


  • An improv app // Concept Design

The Prov app stems from my love of improv and through that love came the desire for a tool. In line with my interests of using technology to enhance performances through new ways of communication and collaboration the Prov app is meant not only as a tool for Improvisors but also for the Audience.