Desiging for Spectacle. An interactive fashion show > a three-staged event.


The Playground is an interactive theatre performance piece created during the MFA Design and Technology class Tech and Performance. The piece was performed by the MFA Acting program from The New School.

Performed December 2014.

The Playground asks for a volunteer from the audience. The user then is shown into the room given a crowne and transformed into a child again. They are then asked to pick a parent. Each parent activates a different narrative. The parent then tucks the user into bed and then asks them to pick up their room. Once the parent exists the room the user's imagination comes to life.

Each imagination scene triggers sets off a new story. When the parent enters back into the room the child's imagination is turned off.

The goal for this experience was to allow the audience the opportunity to enter back into a childlike state of freedom and imagination. However keeping the directions slightly ambiguous it is up to the audience/user to actively participate.