Desiging for Spectacle. An interactive fashion show > a three-staged event.


The goal for the Hermes Fashion show was to design an experience that creates a spectacle for the audience. We did this by splitting the event into three stages and using the narrative tool of "heightening" to build the experience up to its spectacle.

The main strength of Hermes is the love of craftsmanship. "We see ourselves as creative craftsmen. The philosophy of Hermes is to keep craftsmanship alive."

For the fashion show three main moments in the event were categorized.

For the first moment of the event - ARRIVING
Projection on physical iconic objects of the brand (bag, scarves). There will be different stations with different physical objects, using directional speakers, the guests will walk up to the "object" on display and hear and see an audio visual "documentary" about the conceptual birth of the product and a piece of the overall philosophy of Hermes.


During the show we wanted to bring go from shwocasing the process behind Hermes iconic products to the proccess behind their current inspirations, specifically the current runway line. As the show starts a projection is shown on a transparent fabric that "walks" down the runway at the same time as the model. The projection ends at the end of the fabric and the model is revealed with the final clothes. The model then walks back down the runway in "regular form," while the next model begins walking in their process projection.

At the end of the show, guests can interact with a projection wall. Users become characters of the Hermes prints being able to play with different elements on the wall. At the end of this experience, users will have created a different version of the original print and will receive a printed version of as a momento of their experience. In addition there will also be a code, allowing for customers to customize their scarves with the new print out.


By the end of the night guests will have gone through a narrative of three moments;

ARRIVING - physical object projection (small scale)

WATCHING - virtual model projection (large scale)

MINGLING - interactive projection wall (huge scale)