An immersive, 3D virtual reality Music Video experience.

The Universe Inside is an immersive, 3D virtual reality Music Video experience. Through this project we wanted to explore the micro and macro world that creates and influences our experiences which turn into memories and imapcts perception. As the user begins the experience they are dropped onto the landscape which is the human body, where memory nodes are seen as moons. Through the changing perspective of scale we are able to examine the theme of haptic memories, emphasizing on how the tiniest moments can leave us with everlasting memories.

While the user travels across the human landscape introspective and contemplative flashbacks occur through the use of video. The glitched videos serve to show the partial memories flashbacks.

Once the user reaches the final memory node (the larger red moon), the final memory is triggered and the user is sent to another stage where they view the full music video.


    What emotions are evoked as the self compares to the scales of micro and macro?
    What emotions can these passive and active memories evoke?
    What is the diegetic structure of memories? How much is visual/sound/haptic../overlap?
    Can passive memories be processed voluntarily to evoke a certain emotion?