About Moi

I'm an Experience/Visual Designer commercially; a New Media Artist experimentally, and to keep up my skills in Design and Mentorship I continue to work in Higher-Ed - previously as an Assistant Professor of Digital Design at HOSTOS CUNY and have taught three classes with Parsons MFA Design + Technology. Scroll. Click. Zoom & Slide your way through my portfolio to learn more about me and my visual and audible projections. Thanks & enjoy the site.





My experience in curriculum development and teaching for digital design and creative technology provides me the opportunity to experiment with different methods of conceptual and iterative practices. I continue to work in the commercial sector as well, most recently as a UX Designer for McGarry Bowen Innovation Lab.

In my side-experiments I aim to create experiences around stories - whether an abstracted story, a linear or non-linear story - Technology allows us to play and interact with media in new ways, through my work I aim to do just that, by applying practices of performance for interactive experiences and narrative approaches.

In form I have combined my background in graphic design, film and performance with nonlinear/linear narrative experiences created through sound, VR, AR, and interactive installations.